Mining Centre

Mining Centre was expected to be functioning as an umbrella organisation which in common represent mainly Australian Mining companies but also mining companies from other countries such as UK and Canada. The purpose was to collect common tasks into one place.

It is important to point out that this Mining Centre is not intended to be a logistic Company, but a Centre which represent the joining mining companies. However we do have a Network that connects to a whole range of suppliers locally and nationally.

Many of the procedures and task in exploration companies are very much alike. For the local stakeholder we try to create a link to the foreign companies who either intend to do or do business in Greenland.

By using Networking, local knowledge and cooperation with any companies in Greenland it is possible to solve any task you might have.

The Vision

is to shorten the distance between Greenland and the rest of the world

The Mission

is through information, understanding, respect and communication to create an attractive cooperation between Greenland and the rest of the world

The Values

is to create a common understanding for the Greenlandic working conditions and that all respects the regulations which is in force in Greenland. We put the Social Responsibilities high and put the human in the centre. We work for transparency through the whole process in all work we do.